Artisanal bottled cocktails made with quality raw materials.

Ancient recipes infused with local herbs and spices, as refined as good wines.

The search for balance and elegance. The desire to involve the senses and leave a gustatory memory that persists over time.

Seven recipes for seven different palates. Chill, open, enjoy!


The meditation cocktail par excellence.
Sweet, welcoming and decisive.
A complex and generally biting alcohol base like a Rye Whiskey.
To complete, a blend of sweet vermouth and an artisanal Abruzzo cherry liqueur.

Rest for a month in the tub.


The most classic of made in Italy cocktails.
A month’s refinement in glass gives it velvet and elegance.
London dry gin, blend of vermouth and bitter.
The nose is given to him by the essential oils of bergamot.
The rest of a month in glass gives it an elegance and a velvety as obtainable in the express mixing.