Practice, experience, research. This is how The Key Cocktail was born.

We bottle cocktails offering blends that are inspired by global tradition, by recipes deeply-rooted in time and adapted according to our tastes and knowledge.

All our bottled cocktails involve the senses of smell, sight and taste: they have a story, an idea, a concept that bring them to life.

The Key Cocktail joins blending culture with territorial knowledge, keeping everything tied together with the “perfumed thread” of herbs and spices, before then merging with the wisdom of wine making and its ageing and maturation.

Time is our greatest ally and guardian of our knowledge.

Giada Panella and Valeria Sebastiani


Valeria Sebastiani ing

Valeria Sebastiani is an entrepreneur with a background in bartending. Having spent more than ten years behind bar counters, she launched a number of venues, broke hundreds of glasses, formed incredible teams, studied with passion or against her will and made endless toasts; in 2016 she decided to set up her own business and founded the Keynco Srls. Among her main goals is to cultivate and tune her own and other people’s sense of taste within a world system that knocks down barriers in order to encourage exchanges between each other and evolve.

Giada Panella

Giada Panella was weaned in Abruzzo on natural wines and after a number of experiences in sales founded Keynco Srls driven by the desire to follow an economic and working life distant from dominant culture, with a human and sustainable vision of life.

Today as a driver of taste, she makes the search for balance and synesthesia her daily mission.