In The Key Cocktail laboratory we intertwine different periods, customs and knowledge to create high quality artisan bottled cocktails.

Our mixes originate from the great recipes of international drinking, which made a name for themselves starting in the XIX century and have travelled time and blended them with the teachings of herbarie, the ancestors of antique knowledge and alcoholic infusions.

They then rely on time and become intertwined with the ageing process of the best wines, which contribute to the smoothness and velvetiness of our creations.

Each cocktail has its degree and method of ageing: a few months, more months, in French oak casks, in vats, in bottle.

Restaurants, hotels, wine merchants, venues. Those who chose The Key Cocktail offer a high level of customer care and want to give greater attention to their guests: a ready-to-drink cocktail that is simple to prepare. 

Like the best artisan products, our cocktails, despite being stable, always come with a slight variation between production and product.

Variations that are visible in the seal that is featured on each bottle, handmade. Unique.